My Visit to a Working Amish Dairy & Cattle Farm

Image courtesy of wikipedia.

Image courtesy of wikipedia.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the columns of grey smoke I saw in the distance, beyond acres of corn and soy fields, was the first clue we had arrived in Pennsylvania’s Amish country. The next clue was a man riding an adult-sized scooter on the side of the quiet country road. He was dressed in the tell-tale suspendered pants over a loose-fitting shirt that I’ve seen before. Then we finally spotted our first horse-drawn buggy, holding up a line of cars. Continue reading


Ditch the Whey Protein Powder – Try Turkish Ayran Instead

IMG_8488 croppedHere’s a drink that’s much tastier and more nutritious than whey protein powder shakes. It’s a drink that my 16-month-old and I both became addicted to while in Istanbul last week. It also turns out to be quite easy to make at home. It’s the traditional Turkish drink called Ayran (pronounced “EYE-ron”). Continue reading


My Interview with Mark McAfee, Founder and CEO of America’s Most Controversial Dairy

Real, unadulterated, whole, raw milk. People have consumed this versatile, satisfying and nutritious food for thousands of years. That is, up until about 100 years ago, when it fell out of favor and was replaced by the highly processed and allergenic alternative that is found in today’s supermarkets. Although it’s growing again in popularity, raw milk and its producers are mistrusted by government officials, the mainstream media and the vast majority Americans.  Several raw milk dairies in America have recently closed their doors due to the intense scrutiny and harassment they’ve endured from state health departments. But Mark McAfee, head of America’s largest retail raw milk producer, is far from letting anyone get in the way of pursuing his dream of improving the health of this country by providing informed consumers with access to “mother nature’s perfect food.”

In this interview, Mark gives me the inside scoop on the very public pathogen outbreaks that have been associated with his dairy. He answers the hotly debated question of whether humans should be consuming the milk of another species. He talks about government corruption. And he tells me about a new enterprise he has launched, which aims to bring greater transparency and standardization to raw milk production. Continue reading


What does “Organic” really mean? (Part 2 – Meats, Dairy and Seafood)

In my last post, I talked about what “certified organic” means for fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, and wine. I started with those foods because they’re the least processed foods. That means that there’s the least amount of room for creativity in terms of how to produce them as cheaply as possible while still maintaining the organic seal on the label. Now I’m going to turn to more complex foods – meats, eggs, dairy products and seafood. Continue reading


Why I prefer homemade yogurt over store-bought

On business trips, I often crave my usual breakfast of yogurt with honey, fruit and nuts. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a yogurt for sale in supermarkets, health-food stores or even gourmet food markets that compares to my homemade yogurt. Here are my thoughts on why store-bought yogurt doesn’t even come close to the yogurt you can make at home. Continue reading


Homemade Yogurt Recipe – Regular & “Greek Style”

In Greece, Turkey, Lebanon and other parts of the Middle East and Mediterranean, yogurt commonly comes in two forms – regular and strained. What stores in the US sell, labeled as “Greek Style” yogurt, despite saying “authentic” and “natural” on the packaging, are very poor imitations of real strained yogurt. I’m going to show you how to make real yogurt, which is not only a lot cheaper, but tastier and healthier than anything you can buy in the store. Plus, it’s really easy to make! Continue reading

Listeria and Fear of Unpasteurized Dairy

I was at Whole Foods the other day, browsing their cheeses, when this woman next to me shrieked in horror upon reading that the Gruyere Special Reserve is made from UNPASTEURIZED milk. I turned to her and said that, after doing my own research on the topic, I now prefer unpasteurized dairy products over pasteurized dairy products. Here’s the conversation that followed: Continue reading